Wear We Sweat - FlyBarre

Studio + Location: FlyWheel Sports in Old Town

Class: FlyBarre Power 45

Time: 45 minutes 

Overview: Not your typical barre class. This is an upbeat and quick class that gets every part of your body burning! Each song focuses on a different body part. Once the song is over, you're done with that area. The class focuses on glutes, arms, core, and thighs. Great for toning muscle! We highly recommend Elena's class in Old Town. She has a great attitude and we love her positive energy!  

Gear Needed: Water bottle! Flywheel provides towels, but that's all you need. Some people wear grippy socks in class, while others don't wear socks. It's a personal preference! 

What to Wear: For this upbeat class, we suggest wearing tight fitted clothing. We suggest this Thrive Societe Crop Top and these Koral leggings