Lisa Kahley's Top 5


Name: Lisa Kahley

Age: 37

Location: Clarendon Hills, IL

1.  What keeps you busy? 

Since launching Game Set, my schedule has been pretty packed. I'm married and have two young children, age 6 and 4. I'm also co-charing the fundraising efforts for a charity gala in March. You can most often find me nowadays shuttling my son and daughter between school and activities, hosting pop up shops for Game Set, or at The Soho House on my laptop.

2. How do you practice self-care?

I really love this topic and would say that I had a number of years in which I didn't know what self-care really was. Once I had kids, I began to take notice, but focused a lot on tangible ways to practice. Over the past year, I've changed my mindset a lot around what I consider self-care. In the past I would have said, going to the gym or sneaking away for a massage or manicure, which I totally still do. However, today I would say that I also consider inward ways to practice, like nurturing only positive relationships, saying 'no' more often when something doesn't feel right, and really diving head first into my passions. 

3.  How do you keep active?

I enjoy changing up my workouts from day to day - It's the only way I can stay motivated! On any given week I may do pilates, a HIIT class, an outdoor run, ride the Peloton bike, or play tennis.

4. What's in your gym bag?

My gym essentials are always a change of top and post workout sweatshirt or jacket, headphones, and a water bottle. 

5. My top 5 Podcasts I regularly listen to:

1. How I Built This with Guy RazA narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and the movements they built.

2. The Mentor Files by Monica RoyerIf Monica Royer, founder of Monica + Andy, has learned anything about running a business, it’s that she has so much left to learn.

3. Anything by WonderyWondery is a network of storytellers, connecting you to a world of entertainment and a world of knowledge.

4. Girl Gang, The PodcastOn each episode of Girl Gang the Podcast, Amy Will interviews creative women on their accomplishments, challenges and tools used to succeed in business.

5. Revisionist History: A podcast from Malcolm Gladwell and Panoply. Each week, Revisionist History travels back and reinterprets something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood. 






Lisa's Gym Bag: 

Koral Tank

Terez Leggings

Glyder Tank

Koral Leggings


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Meghan Pulte's Top 5

This month we’re launching a series called "Top 5", where we will highlight an amazing woman in our Game Set Community. Check out the posts every Thursday to learn about what keeps these ladies active and motivated. They will share their tips and tricks on staying healthly and their Game Set style! 


Name: Meghan Pulte

Age: 27

Location: Lincoln Park

1.  What keeps you busy? 

My three jobs keep me pretty busy! I sell residential real estate in the city, as well as run a fashion and lifestyle blog called Lake and Luxury Chi. I also am the assistant buyer, stylist and social media manager for Game Set! 

2. How do you practice self-care?

My idea of self-care is indulging in a face mask one a week. My favorite one is the Charcoal Mask from Origins.

3.  How do you keep active?

I love taking classes. I find it hard to get motivated alone at the gym, so I stick with ClassPass to hold myself accountable. If I miss a class that I've signed up for, they charge me $20. So I try really hard not to miss a class! I love the spinning and barre classes at FlyWheel. But I also love a good high intensity workout at Shred415 or SWEAT. 

4. What's in your gym bag?

 I typically carry my headphones, face cleansing wipes, gum, and my water bottle. 

5. My top 5 restaurants in the city: 

Left Coast - River North 

Athenian Room - Lincoln Park

Tango Sur - Lakeview

The Vig - Old Town 

Parlor Pizza - Wicker Park 

Meghan's Game Set Style: 





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