Maggie Sias' Top 5

Name: Maggie 
Age: 22
Location: Downers Grove 

1. What keeps you busy?

School keeps me busy at ALL times, the studying is endless. During the school year, the library is like a second home. Aside from school, I am a babysitter and I absolutely love it! I am also busy taking care of my adorable pup and spending time with my family and friends as well as constantly eating out at chipotle with my boyfriend. 

2. How do you practice self-care?

For my self-care regimen, I take multi-vitamins for women every day as well as other daily supplements for iron, protein, etc. Also, I really enjoy eating healthy to take care of my body inside and out!  I do not eat meat and eat little to no dairy so my eating habits are almost entirely vegan. These eating habits have shown such drastic changes to my body and health both physically and mentally. I am also very dedicated to taking the best possible care of my skin! I have a very specific skin care routine that I have developed over the years to find out what works best for me and its something I'm religious about now! 

3. How do you keep active?

I keep active by going to the gym at least 4 to 6 times a week, taking my dog out for runs or walks, and playing soccer every week. I love to be active and many times a day at the gym will get swapped for rock climbing or hot yoga! There is so much I love to do and not enough time so it seems like I'm always on the go to the next activity. 

4. What's in your gym bag?

My gym bag is geared up with a variety of resistance bands, a jump rope, boxing gloves, shoes specifically for the gym, water bottle and of course headphones! 

5. My top 5 Healthy snacks:

. Freeze dried strawberries

. Carrots and roasted red pepper hummus

. Homemade vegan granola bars

. Mixed berry and kale smoothie