Katie Cassman's Top 5

Name: Katie Cassman

Age: 31

Location: Wilmette, IL

1. What keeps you busy?

My family, especially my one year old daughter, Caroline, who keeps me on my toes! My two other 24/7 jobs are real estate and blogging. I’m a real estate broker and I specialize in helping people buy & sell their homes in Chicago and the North Shore. The spring real estate market is officially here and definitely keeping me busy!  I also run a motherhood, life & style focused blog called, I share adventures with my daughter, my favorite places to eat in Chicago & the north shore and other snippets of my life & style along the way! 

2. How do you practice self-care?

I try to eat lots of protein, fruits and vegetables throughout the week and allow myself to indulge on the weekends. I just started mixing vital proteins into my morning coffee to hopefully help my hair post-baby. My favorite self-care practice is my weekly therapy sessions. I've learned a lot about myself through talk therapy and consider myself to be a lifer.

3. How do you keep active?

Having a toddler has made me a whole new level of active. I love to get my exercise from walking and playing sports - tennis, paddle tennis and golf. 

4. What's in your gym bag?

A water bottle, headphones & gum.

5. My top 5 favorite restaurants in the North Shore:

-Guildhall - Glencoe

-Depot Nuevo - Wilmette

-Mino's - Winnetka

-Three Tarts - Northfield

-Next of Kin - Evanston

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